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League Constitution

Regular Season Rules:

1. All games will start at 6:00 PM, unless otherwise posted on the schedule.

2. All games will consist of 1 seven (7) inning and 1:15 minutes long according to schedule.

3. All players in the lineup will bat according to the batting order.

4. a) If a player shows up late, he will be placed on the bottom of the batting order.
b) A team may play with eight (8) or nine (9) players with the opposing team supplying the back catcher for the purpose of returning the ball to the pitcher only. Plays at the plate are made by the team with eight (8) or nine (9) players.
Note: This rule does not apply in tournament play, and in playoffs only the team with eight players receives a catcher.

5. All players will sit out their turn according to the lineup sheet, starting from the top down.

6. In a seven (7) inning game, there will be a twelve (12) run mercy rule (see rule 7).

7. A game will be considered complete in a seven (7) inning game after 5 innings

8. Teams will be allowed seven (7) courtesy runners. The player who runs can only be used once per game. If extra innings are necessary, you can use that player only once again.

9. No courtesy step or leaning off bases, or the runner can be out if the ump(s) make the call.

10. There is no DH. The player must be able to take the field as well as hit and run.

11. Slo-Pitch National rules will apply, except those adopted by the league.

12. If a player is ejected from a game, he will have to leave the park and will be scratched from the roster with no out being charged. The player will also be ejected from the next 2 games played.
If the same player is ejected from a second game, he must leave with no out being charged and will miss the next 3 games played.
If the same player is ejected from a third (3) game, he will be banned from playing in the league for the remainder of the season.

13. If a player enters the batter’s box with a non-approved bat, they will be an out and ejected from that game. The team will not be assessed an out again from that player’s at-bats.

14. Capped Scoring: Each team will be allowed six (6) runs per inning, except the losing team will be allowed to make up the runs they are behind plus an additional six (6) runs.
The last inning to be played and any extra innings played will be an open inning(s).

15. Tie Breaker: When 2 or more teams are tied, the tiebreaker for the season, mid-season, and playoffs will be determined by wins, head-to-head, plus/minus, runs against, then runs for, for the complete season or tournament. If three (3) teams are tied, then head-to-head is out.

16. The league will use a draft board with all players listed under their assigned rating A, B, C, or D. The draft order will be determined by draw. Coaches and the coaches’ selections will not be on the draft board but will be put on their team in the round aligned to their rating. Each team will pick players to fill in their team with the correct number of rated players from A to D until no remaining players are available.

17. Rainouts will be rescheduled to make up those game(s) missed if necessary.

18. Coaches are responsible for making sure each player has signed the waiver on the SPN website for league and team insurance.

19. Semi Final & Final playoff games will have no time limit.

20. No new players will be allowed into the league after midnight following the fourth last game of the regular season.


1. A commitment line will be used between third base and home plate. Once a runner crosses the line, he must continue toward home.

2. A line will be drawn from home plate to the backstop. The runner must cross this line to score. This is to prevent sliding and contact with the catcher.

3. The catcher will use the entire mat for an out at home, or can touch the runner before the runner crosses the plate. Page 37, Section 14 Commitment Line/Scoring Line Rule A to F. (SPN Rules Booklet).

4. If the runner touches the plate, he will be out.

5. In case of a tie, international rules will be used. “Must use the last player that batted.”

6. Protective Screen Rules
Screens: We will be using 4′ X 7′ Protective Screens provided by the league.
Screens will be assembled and positioned by the away team Screens will be positioned 3ft in front of the pitching line (47 ft.)
Screens will be allowed to be moved by the pitcher at the beginning of the inning and cannot be moved until the completion of that inning.
If an opposite hand relief pitcher comes in, he will be allowed to move it only once until the inning is complete.
The screen must remain so the vertical edge is in line with the center of home plate to second base. There will be a line drawn to mark the center.
Screens are part of the field and cannot be moved, and if a defensive player hits the screen, the ball will remain a LIVE ball.
Pitcher: The pitcher must begin with one foot behind the screen, or the umpire will call an illegal pitch, and it will be considered a BALL.
If the batter hits the ball, it will be considered a dead ball, and no runners can advance.
After the ball is hit, the pitcher CAN PLAY the ball.
Batter: The screen is a complete unit, including poles, padding, and webbing.
If a batter hits any part of the screen, the ball is dead, and it will be a STRIKE.
If the batter hits any part of the screen a second time, they will be OUT.

Tournament Rules:

1. All games are 7 innings with a 1-hour and 15-minute time limit, except in the finals.

2. The mercy rule is 12 runs, including the final.

3. A team can play with 8 players and receive a catcher from the other team, but if a team has 9 players, then they are not entitled to receive a catcher from the other team.

4. There is to be a coin toss for each game.

5. If a player is ejected, he misses the next game. If ejected again, he is gone from the tournament.

6. Home team will not bat in the last inning played if they are winning.